Latin Americans’ perceptions with the same-sex marriage and you will abortion seem to be molded simply by ethical judgments

Protestants lean alot more strongly than just Catholics towards the the career one abortion will be unlawful throughout or many cases. When you look at the Chile, particularly, in the a few-thirds off Protestants say abortion will likely be unlawful, if you are half of Catholics need you to standing. Into the Argentina, 59% away from Catholics state abortion will be illegal, weighed against three-house off Protestants (76%).

In most nations, majorities out of people that no religious affiliation say abortion is to become illegal in every otherwise many cases, also about seven-in-ten or higher unaffiliated people in Honduras (85%), the newest Dominican Republic (82%) and you can El Salvador (81%). Resistance to judge abortion is leaner among consistently unaffiliated inside the Chile (28%), Uruguay (31%) and you will Argentina (40%).

The fresh questionnaire finds that round the Latin America, everyone is on similarly probably oppose judge abortion, due to the fact are older and you may more youthful adults.

Homosexuality and you may Abortion as Ethical Items

In the fifteen nations as well as Puerto Rico, majorities say homosexuality try immoral, between 57% inside Mexico to help you 91% from inside the Guatemala.

Just in Argentina, Chile and you will Uruguay do not even half of grownups imagine homosexual choices ethically completely wrong

In the most common places surveyed, majorities out of each other Protestants and you can Catholics agree that homosexuality was depraved. Yet not, Protestants are more likely on the this glance at. Actually, in a lot of nations, the percent off Protestants who state homosexual choices was morally incorrect meet or exceed the latest comparable percentages from Catholics of the at the least 20 issues.

Overall, this new religiously unaffiliated is actually unlikely than just both Protestants or Catholics to say that homosexuality try fairly wrong. Even one of the unaffiliated, but not, majorities into the a few places find homosexual decisions because morally objectionable. This type of nations were Honduras (80%), this new Dominican Republic (80%), Nicaragua (74%), Este Salvador and you will Venezuela (71% each).

Around the Latin The united states, people between your ages of 18 and 34 try unlikely than simply the elders to find homosexual decisions morally objectionable. During the Argentina, such as, 37% of grownups younger than 35 declare that homosexual behavior are morally wrong, weighed against completely 50 % of those people thirty-five and you can older (51%). Approximately half of more youthful Puerto Ricans claim that homosexual decisions is fairly objectionable (52%), weighed against regarding the a couple-thirds away from elderly Puerto Ricans (66%).

For the majority nations, someone show equivalent viewpoints toward moral acceptability of homosexuality. However in a number of countries, significantly more men than female claim that homosexuality was fairly wrong.

Clear majorities along side area explain abortion since ethically incorrect. Indeed, Uruguay is the just nation surveyed in which less than half regarding the public (46%) says abortion is actually immoral. Somewhere else, most participants imagine abortion fairly incorrect, a posture verging for the unanimity into the Paraguay (96%), Guatemala (96%) and you will Honduras (95%).

Protestants be more than likely than simply Catholics to explain abortion while the fairly inappropriate. In the Uruguay, such as, throughout the one or two-thirds from Protestants declare that abortion are fairly completely wrong (68%), compared with roughly 50 % of (49%) off Catholics.

In most nations, the majority of people who do not select with any faith as well as sign up to the examine you to definitely abortion are depraved. Merely when you look at the Argentina, Chile, Mexico and you will Uruguay carry out not even half out of religiously unaffiliated anyone say abortion is actually morally completely wrong.

Along the part, women can be throughout the because most likely since guys to say that abortion try fairly inappropriate. And young Latin Us citizens are about just like the almost certainly due to the fact earlier Latin Us americans to say that abortion try ethically wrong. In which distinctions carry out arise, more women than men essentially declare that abortion is fairly wrong. Along with some regions, people above the age of 34 be a little more likely as opposed to those between your period of 18 and 34 to state that abortion is actually morally unacceptable.